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Explosion Proof Cranes ATEX

Explosion Proof Cranes ATEX

Great production experience in the Ex-d anti-explosion field allows us to supply petrochemical and/or highly explosive environments. For the type and capacity, follow that previously indicated. We are able to supply its machines with anti-explosive, non sparking, increased safety, closed, externally ventilated electric motors with brake. All appliances comply with the requested Standards regarding installation in dangerous areas, i.e. areas where explosive atmospheres may develop in determined conditions. The OTTO’s overhead cranes can therefore be used in the pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, petrochemical, engineering, process plant engineering industries and in the mining and offshore maritime sectors. With the coming into force of the ATEX Directive and therefore the new rules inherent to the anti-explosion sector in force in the whole of Europe and not only, new management and control systems have been introduced to ensure a greater guarantee of safety on products introduced into the market, which are only to be used in potentially explosive environments. Regarding this, OTTO is able to supply a product that complies with the ATEX Directive and which is therefore suitable for use in the European market and worldwide. In fact, the applications realized by OTTO for ATEX classified plants, both in Italy and the rest of the world (Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc…) are numerous.

Explosion Proof Cranes ATEX Explosion Proof Cranes ATEX










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