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Street LX Chain Hoist Cranes

LX Chain Hoist Cranes

Lifting capacities up to 5t SW.

Street LX cranes offer extremely cost effective, low maintenance and durable solutions to lighter duty operations that require good use of available production area space.

Key features of LX Cranes:-

Lighter components weights giving reduced wheel loads and building supporting structure.

Low headroom options offering optimized lifting heights where building headroom is restricted.

Variety of crane construction options are available that make the best use of existing building space.

I-Beam sections or streamlined box girder options for main crane bridge.

Compact side hook approaches for optimum hook coverage of the working area.

True vertical lift (zero lateral hook drift during hoisting)

Rigid box section end carriages with maintenance free direct drives and enclosed motor gearboxes.

Wear resistant self-lubricating SG iron travel wheels.

Operating And Technical Features:-

Hoist Motor:

3 phase motor with thermal protection against overheating, (single phase motor options are available).

Single or dual speed.

Class "F" insulation.

I.P 54 or I.P 55 protection.

50/60 Hz supply options with voltages to suit most global industrial supplies.

Hoist Brake:

Heavy duty long life hoist disc brake designed to follow the tried and tested ZX brake philosophy.

CNC Machined Hoist Gearbox:

High performance low noise

Hardened and heat treated gears

Compact design

Operates efficiently from -20 to +50C 
(-4 to 122F)

Overload Protection / Hoist And Lower Limit Switches:

Friction type torque limiting slipping clutch

Prevents over hoisting and over lowering

Easy adjustment

Prevents operator overloading the hoist

Effective protection of the hoist motor

Durable Chain, Drive Sprocket And Guide:

High accuracy CNC machined drive sprocket

Geometrically precise chain

High tensile zinc coated

High resistance to wear and corrosion

Precision calibrated chain guide

Chain Collection:

Compact durable chain collection container

Various sizes depending on chain length

Solo Or Integrated, Pendant Or Remote Control:

Standard 48 Volt push-button pendant for solo hoists

Solo radio remote control

Integrated pendant or remote radio for bridge crane and jib solutions

Street LX Chain Hoist Cranes Street LX Chain Hoist Cranes










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