Mr. Dilawar Abass Visits Street Cranes Uk.

Mr. Dilawar Abass is the son of Mr. Syed Khawar Mehtab, C.E.O and owner of Otto Material Handling Pvt. Ltd and Otto Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., reputed manufacturer and representative of STREET(U.K) brand over head cranes in Pakistan for the last over 15 years. Street crane company (U.K) are the producers of top selling crane in Europe. Mr. Dilawar Abass , already nominated Director of the company, is currently studying 4 years Mechanical Engineering degree course in Queens University of Belfast, U.K. On 3rd April,2012, Mr. Dilawar Abass was invited by Mr. Andrew Pimblet, Managing Director, to visit STREET office and factory . The purpose of visit was to get an introduction with the newly appointed director of OTTO group.

Street Crane Company (U.K) Introduction:

Street Crane has more than 70 years experience in crane design and is now firmly established as one of the world’s volume overhead crane and hoist manufacturers. From 0.25t to 200t capacity, Street produce one of the world’s most comprehensive range of advanced electric wire rope hoists which are at the heart of every Street crane. Street electric hoists are also used worldwide by a network of independent crane makers and Street approved distributors.

Street Crane Officials” Comments About Mr. Dilawar Abass:

I was delighted to see young Dilawar ,next generation of OTTO and Street as well. He looks very talented and energetic. I wish great career for him in future. We shall do our best to improve his skill and education as far as his forthcoming crane business is concerned.

Mr.Andrew Pimblet, Managing Director Street Crane Company

It was a great pleasure for me to see talented, young and smart future nominated director of OTTO, Pakistan. Without any hesitation I decided to groom young boy and offered him employment in our company during his forthcoming summer holidays. I found him confident and having good preliminary knowledge of over head crane business. I wish him bright and successful business career in future

Mr. Paul Samples, Manager Sales Street Crane Company

It was a great pleasure to see young Dilawar again after so many years, my, he has grown into a very nice intelligent young man, well done Dad and Mama.

He had a good discussion with Andrew Pimblet, Managing Director and tour of the factory with Andrew.

I am sure he will progress to take up a lead role in your (and our) Business in the future.

Mr. Christopher Pattison, Sales Department Street Crane Company

I am delighted that Dilawar visited us and came with such a positive mind. And being somebody’s “dream come true” certainly encourages my spirit too.

It was a pleasure to greet him and briefly introduce him to our key personnel and business processes.

Unfortunately, today it was raining and cold . However, the weather did not dampen Dilawar’s enthusiasm as he was quite attentive to our business practices and systems.

He was conversational and not shy about this first meeting, and quite mature with an air of devotion to Street.

It was a nice touch before departing that he asked for our photos together, of various people.

My opinion is that I envisag