VX Wire Rope Hoist Cranes

VX Hoist Cranes

Ultimate performance open winch hoist cranes.

At the heart of the Street VX crane is the VX open winch hoist – an exceptionally rugged design offering strong performance in the tougest conditions. Where processes demand continuous crane operation and full availability the VX hoist delivers.

VX Special Wire Rope Hoist Cranes: Setting the heavy duty standard

Used in the most demanding arduous conditions, the Street VX open barrel hoist is renowned for its quality, reliability and durability with users who have the very highest demands of their production equipment.

With working capacities of up to 250 Tonnes SWL, high operating speeds, large lifting heights and the highest duty rating classifications of M8 (US Class F) available the VX hoist is available in a huge range of tailor solutions made to match the demands of every application precisely.

The VX hoist features dual deep scrolled hoist barrel offering true vertical hook path as standard with open layout design for ease of servicing with minimal maintenance requirements.

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