Jib Crane

The ideal solution for moving loads in an industrial environment, both inside warehouses and outside.

We offer jib cranes with elevation via chain hoist or cable hoist. With great precision of movements in both the manual and motorized versions, enabling us to achieve the cantilever useful for each type of application, adapting to all types of needs.

Our range of marine jib cranes have a lifting capacity ranging from 2.5 t up to 20 t | With a reach of up to 10 m | Hieght up to 10 m | The arm enables a rotation of 360










Our Wide Range Of
Industrial Jib Crane

Depending On The Characteristics Of The Jib, We Have Different Models.

3 Types of Industrial Jib Cranes are available; Wall Mounted Jib Crane, Light Industrial Jib Crane and Heavy Industrial Jib Crane. Flexibility and personalization, with up to 6 models sized according to your lifting and range needs. Quick and easy installation. Adaptable to different types of indoor and outdoor workshop and industrial environments, with or without a trench.




Wall Mounted
Jib Crane

Tailored for you
Variable speed drive for all movement: increases precision, increases brake service life, and provides greater energy efficiency.


Light Industrial
Jib Crane

Profitability and precision.
Infinite 360 electronic rotation.
Double lifting and transfer speed for gentle, precise movement.


Heavy Industrial
Jib Crane

Reliable design and solid construction.

Easy handling with a single button, either with button box or radio control.

Fast, direct access for effective maintenance.

Safety and manageability with the load limiter.










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